MASW Consultation

Are you considering an MASW survey for an upcoming project? Are you not sure what kind of results you can expect? What equipment do you need? Buy or lease? How to proceed with field operation? What to do with data analysis and reporting?... Are you not sure how and where to start? You can hire an expert through a consultation program here.

All MASW projects develop and conclude through the following three steps:

  • Feasibility Analysis & Planning; Will MASW work for this project? What kind of results can I expect to obtain? What type of survey (active or passive or active-passive) should I follow? What kind of equipment do I need? Better off leasing it than purchasing?
  • Survey; How to design survey lines? Field geometry? Recording parameters? Survey interval?
  • Data Analysis & Reporting; How to set up source/receiver configuration? How to pick dispersion curves? What
    type of profile (1D or 2D) to generate? What to be included in the final report?


Park Seismic LLC

We provide consultation services in the MASW technique with options in the scope and period of the service contract as explained below. Tailored consultation services will be provided directly from the developer and leading expert of the technique. Contact for pricing information at


This program provides consultations on general aspects of MASW technique including (not limited to) feasibility inquiries on prospective projects, field equipment and logistics for data acquisition, customized approaches for special applications, etc. On average, about one hour/week consultation task is provided during the entire contract period. The main method of consultation is via email and phone conversation. Separate video conferencing is also available with limited availability (e.g., once per month on average).


In addition to what is listed in "General Consultation" above, this program provides guidance services in data analysis and reporting.  Field data sets acquired during the project survey are analysed and a compact report is sent for each data set.  This will provide general guidance of how to process MASW data and what type of results should be included in the report.

This program will provide the following data analysis/reporting services for up to:

  • one 1D or 2D line (1-month program), or
  • two 1D or 2D lines (3-month program), or
  • four 1D or 2D lines (6-month program), or
  • six 1D or 2D lines (1-year program).

Deliverables will include a compact report (*.pdf) that displays final output (e.g., 1-D Vs profile or 2-D Vs cross section) as well as key intermediate processing results.  Click for sample compact 1-D and 2-D reports.  Separate image files (*.jpg) will also be delivered that show how dispersion curves are picked from corresponding dispersion images.  Numerical velocity (Vs) data set for output result (1D or 2D) will also be provided as a separate file (*.txt).  One line of MASW survey should contain less than or equal to 30 field files.  One field file is a multichannel record saved by using a 24-channel (or 48-channel) acquisition system.  Upon request, limited number of resource files (*.pptx) about MASW method can also be provided on major topical areas (e.g., theory, field operation, data analysis, etc.) that can be used during the preparation of final report or a presentation file.

Contact for pricing information at

Consultation Program Contract Peroid
GENERAL 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
EXTENDED 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year