Display of 3D Velocity (Vs) Grid Data

Once a 3-D shear-wave velocity (Vs) grid data set is created, it can be displayed with various options as illustrated below.  First, the grid data file (*.G3D) is opened by clicking the "Open GRID-3D" button in left-side panel.  Then, velocity scale and color scheme can be specified by clicking "Cubic Display" button.  Overall dimension of the cubic display can be specified for each directions in the "Size" box on the panel.

Cubic Display

The cubic display represents the overall outside appearance of the grid, while slice images are displayed on the right-side panel for three (3) orthogonal axes as user slides the corresponding bar in the left-side panel (i.e., X, Y, and Z bars).  The pop-up menu in the image, being displayed by right clicking mouse, shows all image-related options available.

Cubic Slice

Once the "slice display" option is selected from the top tool panel, then each bar movement in the left-side panel (X, Y, and Z) will display 3D slice maps for the corresponding axis as illustrated below.


The perspective of cubic displays can be controlled by moving the corresponding bar in the left-side panel as illustrated below.