MASW Package

Dedicated MASW Package*

(with 1-Year Technical Support)

*A complete set of hardware and software for MASW surveys

A dedicated package for MASW surveys is now available with a complete set of field equipment and data-analyzing software (see the table below).  The package is tailored specifically for most common types of MASW surveys (active, passive, and active-passive) to perform, for example, the seismic site characterization, also known as Vs30m evaluation, 2D shear-wave velocity (Vs) mapping for soil-bedrock characterization, anomaly detection through velocity (Vs) mapping, back scattering analysis (BSA), and common-offset sections.  The package includes the 24-channel DAQlink 4 seismograph from Seismic Source Company (SSC), a well-known manufacturer of seismic instruments located at Ponca City, Oklahoma, low-frequency (4.5 Hz) vertical geophones, seismic cable, hammer switch, and trigger extension cable.  It also includes the ParkSEIS-AUTO software that can process MASW field data sets in a fully automated mode for all types of applications mentioned above.  The seismograph's customization that curtailed unnecessary features for MASW surveys, for example, GPS and continuous recording needed in the earthquake seismology and oil & gas exploration but not needed for MASW, has made the overall cost under $27k including a land streamer (other competitive models cost more than $40k). The package comes with 1-year technical support. Please request a detailed quote for a complete package.

DAQlink 4 24-channel (24-bit ADC)
Hardware items included in the package (GPS and laptop not included)

Table: List of items included in the "Dedicated MASW Package"

Product Type Description Qty
DAQlink 4 system from Seismic Source Co
(Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA)
24-CHANNEL Challenger model for MASW surveys Includes:

  • DAQlink 4 Unit
  • Power Cable
  • 10 Pin Ethernet Data Cable
  • Full Install Software
  • Carrying Case
Geophone Low-frequency (4.5 Hz) vertical phones 24
Seismic Cable 24-channel spread cable with 3m spacing and 10m lead end, both
ends terminated with 55 pin connectors
Trigger Switch Hammer switch with 5m cable 1
Trigger Extension Cable Extension cable for hammer switch, 125 meters on reel 1
MASW Process Software Package ParkSEIS-AUTO on USB Dongle 1