Generation of 2D Shear Modulus Cross Section

1. Importing Input Data - 2D Velocity (Vs) Cross Section [*(2DVs).txt]

To display one of these files, in the main menu go to "Display" → "S-Velocity (Vs) Data" → "2-D Vs Cross Section (*.TXT)" and then select a text file, as shown below.

The module has a top tool panel consisting of five (5) tabs: "Files", "View", "Edit", "Process", and "Chart", as shown below.

2. Select "Process Tab" and Click "Shear"

2.1 Conversion with Constant Value of Density

Check "Use a constant value" to use a constant value throughout the entire section.  The following dialog will appear where the value (e.g., "2000") can be entered.  Click "OK" and then a "Save As" dialog will appear for you to specify output file name (*.txt).   The output will be displayed in another window, as illustrated below, where output values are displayed in 50-5000 MPa.

2.1 Conversion with Imported Values of Density

The following is an example of choosing the "Import a text file with a format: [X Y (or Z) Rho] without []" option.  Click the "OK" button to close the dialog and the "Open Density File" dialog will appear.  Choose the external file ("Rho.txt"), contents of which are displayed in Notepad containing density values at two different depths (Z = -1.0 and -15.0) and at two different locations (X = 20 and 70).  Once the file is imported, the output shear modulus map will be displayed, as illustrated below, where values are  displayed in 50-5000 MPa.