Generation of 2D P-Velocity (Vp) Cross Section (Empirical Conversion)

1. Importing Input Data - 2D Velocity (Vs) Cross Section [*(2DVs).txt]

To display one of these files, in the main menu go to "Display" → "S-Velocity (Vs) Data" → "2-D Vs Cross Section (*.TXT)" and then select a text file [*(2DVs).txt], as shown below.

Select "Edit" tab and click "+/-" button to display the control dialog shown below.  Select "Velocity" and "Divide (%)" for the variable and operation options, respectively.  Then, enter "-3.14159265" in the "Edit Value" box, which will let the program use its own Poisson's ratio (POS) values [that dynamically vary with S-velocity (Vs) values].  To use a specific and constant POS value, enter a value of 100xPOS added by 0.14159265; for example, enter a value of "450.14159265" for POS=0.450, and "330.14159265" for  POS=0.330, etc.