ParkSEIS - Vs30m

Seismic Site Characterization (NEHRP or Eurocode)

1. Importing Input Data - 1D Velocity (Vs) Profile [*(1DVs).lyr]

Open a 1D velocity (Vs) profile by going to "Display" -> "S-Velocity (Vs) Data" -> "1-D Vs Profile (*.LYR)" as shown below.

2. Generating Vs30m

Click "Vs30m" button located at the bottom right corner as shown below.

Choose which standard you would like to use to characterize the site from the dialog as shown below; default option for US (ft) unit is "NEHRP", while that for metric (m) unit is "Eurocode."

However, any option can be used for the same profile as shown below; "Eurocode" on left and "NEHRP" on right.

Seismic Site Characterization - Eurocode
Seismic Site Characterization - NEHRP

Description table for  the corresponding standard is displayed by choosing "Yes" to the following dialog.

This table can also be displayed by clicking "Vs30m" button in the "View" tab as shown below; normal click for "NEHRP" and right click for "Eurocode" table.

The tables can also be displayed from the main menu by going to "Info" -> "Seismic Site Characterization Table" as shown below.  The tables are displayed below.