Park Seismic Services for Seismic Site Characterization (Vs30m)

Park Seismic (PS) provides services in both field operation and data processing. We will perform field operations by bringing all necessary equipment to the site. If you prefer, we can also make arrangements with a local geophysical company so that they collect the data on behalf of PS to save time and travel cost. In this case, Park Seismic LLC will provide detailed instructions to the local company on the key operation parameters. The MASW data collection is quite simple, and once key parameters are properly set, ordinary engineers with minimal geophysics background can perform the field survey. This option of hiring a local company can often turn out a highly prompt and cost-effective approach. Most common key survey parameters and detailed instructions on field operation are presented here.

Any local geophysical companies interested in executing MASW surveys for Vs30m evaluation can collect field data according to the instructions available on this web site, or request further instructions, if necessary, by providing information about specific situations via email. Then, Park Seismic will advise accordingly by providing necessary technical support and detailed instructions on the field operation. Once the field operation is finished, PS will then process the data, providing results similar to those presented here. We will also provide results in a tabulated format in a separate excel file (*.xls).