ParkSEIS - Modeling Dispersion Curves

1. Importing Input Data
1D S-Velocity (Vs) Model (i.e., Layered-Earth Model) (*.lyr)

In the main menu, go to "Modeling" → "Dispersion Curve(s) from 1D Layered-Earth Model (*.LYR)" and then select a file.

2. Execute Modeling

Click "OK" button to execute the modeling a dispersion curve for the fundamental mode (M0).

This (left) is an output example with even frequency interval (1 Hz).  This (right) is an output example with "stretching" frequency interval.

To model multiple modes simultaneously, specify a non-zero number (e.g., 2) in the maximum mode box of the control dialog (left).  Then, modeled multiple modes (e.g., M0, M1, and M2) will be displayed in a chart (right).