PerkSEIS Version 2.0

ParkSEIS© (PS) - The Most Up-To-Date and Comprehensive Software for MASW Analysis

ParkSEIS© (PS) generates a shear-wave velocity (Vs) profile by analyzing fundamental-mode (M0) Rayleigh-type seismic surface waves. Although there has been a great deal of research and development in multi-mode utilization, software that takes full advantage of multi-mode while efficiently handling all the associated complications has not yet been developed. This is because of the modal characteristics of surface waves that are ultimately determined by the velocity (Vs) structure, the unknown that we attempt to know through MASW analysis. Yet, the traditional approach of the fundamental-mode (M0) inversion provides an excellent outcome under most common overburden/bedrock settings, and can provide a 1st-degree approximation of other more complex settings. ParkSEIS© enables the user to utilize this most reliable approach.

ParkSEIS© (PS) for MASW Data Analysis

It incorporates up-to-date algorithms for active, passive, and active/passive combined MASW surveys to produce

  • Shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles (1-D, 2-D, and depth slice)
  • Back scattering analysis (BSA) for anomaly detection
  • Common-offset sections for quick evaluation of subsurface conditions
  • Modeling MASW seismic records and dispersion curves

ParkSEIS© (PS) has been used to process data sets from hundreds of different sites and available for purchase and lease. Visit or contact

ParkSEIS© (PS) for Shear-Wave Velocity (Vs) Profiling

ParkSEIS© (PS) generates shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles through a few steps of data analysis by using seismic data from MASW (and refraction) surveys. It can generate

  • an average 1-D (depth) shear-wave velocity (Vs) profile from a small number of (for example, 3-10) field records,
  • a 2-D Vs cross section from many (for example, 10-1000) field records,
  • Vs profiles by using field records collected not only from MASW but also from refraction surveys, and
  • shear and Young's modulus cross sections from the analyzed Vs cross section.

ParkSEIS© (PS) has been rigorously tested by processing data sets from hundreds of different sites under Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 operating systems with a minimum 1GB memory. It is available for purchase and lease. Visit for more information or contact