Dedicated 3D MASW Survey

Although conventional 2D/1D surveys at different lines/points can be cobbled together to achieve an output that provides 3D analysis, a dedicated 3D survey requires well-defined field logistics with properly designed shot and receiver (SR) patterns. This ensures maximal effectiveness in surficial and depth coverage while minimizing field operation efforts with a given set of field equipment. ParkSEIS-3D provides such logistics for a potential 3D project based not only on the size of 3D ground volume being investigated but also the desired spatial sampling (bin) size for a given number of acquisition channels.

By specifying 3D dimension of the ground volume to be investigated, number of acquisition channels, maximum takeout distance of the seismic cable, and desired spatial sampling resolution, the program generates a template of field logistics that shows possible patterns of receiver array and shot points.  This is illustrated below.